BJP, Cong, CPI(M) supporters travel in same car in Kerala, pic viral

April 25th 2019 12:20PM
A picture of BJP, Congress and CPI(M) supporters travelling in one car with their party flags in Kerala has gone viral. While its origin is unknown,...

Tag: viral pic on social media

April 25th 2019 10:17AM
Tag: viral pic on social media. राजनीति के चक्कर में आपसी रिश्तों को ख़राब न करने की सीख देती ये तस्वीर हो. Latest News...

Weird photo goes viral

April 25th 2019 8:50AM
Weird photo goes viral. photo. By Eldorado, 11 hours ago ... Posted 11 hours ago. Name one thing in the pic? confusion, a whole lot of it. Like 1; Haha...