Priyanka Jawalkar Pic Viral In Social Media

January 21st 2019 11:15PM
Priyanka Jaywalker made a profitable debut with 'Taxiwala'. She had largely appeared in fashionable outfits and therefore film buffs obtained to see ...

West Bengal CM Mamata serves food at opposition meet, pic goes viral

January 21st 2019 5:57PM
A picture of West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee serving food at a meeting for the opposition and public leaders has gone viral. The attendees included ...

Anantapur Girl's Ravishing Avatar!

January 21st 2019 1:55PM
Priyanka Jaywalker made a successful debut with 'Taxiwala'. In her launch pad, She had mostly appeared in modern outfits and hence movie buffs got ...